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ساخت وبلاگ

More than 200 years have passed since Tehran's election as the capital of Iran TourismThe longitude and latitude are 51/25 and 43/35 degrees, and the average elevation of the city is 1100. Tehran is the political administrative center of the country over the past 200 years. Urban Abad, which has acceptable access roads. Clean spaces and parks provide a good visibility for any viewer. The weather in Tehran is hot and dry in summer and cold in winter. The average annual temperature in Tehran is 17.1 degrees Celsius, its absolute maximum is 44 degrees Celsius and its absolute minimum is 8 degrees Celsius. The average rainfall is 231 mm and the average freezing days are 49 days a year. 

The administrative structure of Iran is concentrated in Tehran and is divided into 22 districts, 134 districts (including Rey and Tajrish) and 370 neighborhoods. There are two major towers in Tehran, one of the Freedom Tower , a symbol of the city, and another of the Milad TowerWhich are the most important attractions of the city. Tehran hosts nearly half of the industrial activities in the country, and there are manufacturing facilities in the field of automotive, electrical and electronic equipment, textiles, sugar, cement and chemicals. Tehran is also the largest market for carpets and fuiture products throughout the country. In the south of the capital's capital there is a refinery called Tehran Refinery. In Tehran and the suburbs, there are historical religious places such as mosques, churches, synagogues and fireworks of Zoroastrians. On the list of the most expensive capitals in the world in 2008, this city was on the last step. Also, Tehran is on the top of the list of the most expensive cities in the world and based on the cost of living index. The city has ranked 29th among the world's cities in terms of gross domestic product (FIFG), ranked 53rd, with the inclusion of the population of the metropolitan area.

The major metropolis of Iran is rich in accommodation and hotel and hotel apartments with a variety of prices, which cover every taste. For example, the Hotel Esteghlal , Homa Hotel , is also  noted. To view the facilities, services and hotel reservations in Tehran , see the list of hotels in Tehran .

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